Disclosure of Election Expenditure of KAM Meghalaya

We have always fought for transparency and accountability in electoral finances. As you all know election finances have always been a mystery and now more so with the introduction of electoral bonds. So when KAM Meghalaya decided to put up candidates for Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Elections 2023, we were sure that we would crowd fund our electoral expenses and regularly disclose our accounts. Here is a summary of our expenses and donations till 31st December 2022. Till 31st December 2022, people had donated Rs. 9,26,636. These donations were ranged from 200 rupees to 1,00,000 rupees. Out of the total donations 4,36, 200 have been donations from Meghalaya and the rest from other parts of India. Some of the local donations have been in kind like milk, tea leaves and rice. We are now in the second phase of our fund raising and if you want to contribute you can find the details after the account statement.

Ka Kaiphot Jinglut Jingsep jong ka KAM Meghalaya naduh ka 1 tarik Iaiong haduh 31 Nohprah 2022.

Ngi iakhun ban ioh ia ka synshar bad treikam kaba shai bad kaba ai jingkhein. Ha man ki election ruh ngi ju dawa ba ki seng sain hima bad ki candidate ki dei ban iathuh nangno bad kumno ki lum ia ki pisa ba ki pynlut ha ka por election. Hynrei bun ki candidate bad ki seng sain hima ki buhrieh bad kim ju pynpaw ne ai jingkhein kaba ia dei halor ka jinglut jingsep.

Ka KAM Meghalaya ka don lai ngut ki candidate ki ban iakhun ha ka election 2023 bad naduh ba sdang ngi la kren shai ba ngin lum jingkyrshan pisa na ki paidbah bad ha ka rukom kaba shai bad ngin ai jingkhein halor kumno ngi pynlut.

Kumta ha kane ka por ngi wanrah sha phi ia kane ka kaiphot halor ka jinglum pisa bad jingpynlut. Haduh mynta ki paidbah ki la noh synniang ₹ 9,26,636.00. Na katei ka 9 lak tam ka pisa kumba ₹4, 36,200.00 ka dei kaba la noh synniang da ki briew napoh ka Jylla Meghalaya hi.

Niuma, ki don ruh kiba noh synniang da ki tiar kum ka dud, shini, slasha bad khaw. Mynta sa ha ka wat kaba ar ngi phah ia u kyrwoh jingkyrpad sha ki nongshong shnong, ki paralok bad kiwei ban noh synniang sha u thiar jong ka KAM Meghalaya.

Help & Support Progressive MLA Candidates in Meghalaya

Dear Friends,
We are reaching out to you with our Video Appeal for your support in raising resources for the election campaign of Angela Rangad, Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew, and Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh of KAM Meghalaya for the MLA elections in Meghalaya in February 2023. Many of you have contributed to this fundraising effort. In the first round of our fundraising we raised about 10 Lakh rupees in funds and in kind and in order to continue the momentum we have built so far in all three of our constituencies and to give a final boost to our efforts, we aim to raise 15 lacs in the next 15 days. It may seem like a tall task but we believe it is possible!

Although our budget for this campaign of three candidates is embarrassingly low considering the electoral tradition of Meghalaya, we still need to reach out to more people and that’s why we are writing to you.

If you wish to contribute, here are the bank details of the candidates. You can contribute to any of their accounts by Bank Transfer or UPI. You can also help us by sharing our appeal with your friends and family.

Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew
UPI ID : [email protected]
State Bank of India
Malki, Shillong
A/C : 41193800205
IFSC : SBIN0009105

Angela G. Rangad
UPI ID : [email protected]
State Bank of India
Laban Branch, Shillong
A/C : 41184308962
IFSC : SBIN0005135

Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh
UPI ID : [email protected]
Union Bank of India
Jail Road, Shillong
A/C : 167511010000018
IFSC : UBIN0816752

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